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FBS series (host)

FBS series (host)

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FBs series flagship PLC

SoC-FATEK's core technology

  FBs-PLC is made by FATEK's self-developed system-on-a-chip (SoC), which integrates a central processing unit (CPU), memory, hardware logic processor (HLS), and 5 chips with more than 120,000 gates High-level functional hardware circuits such as high-speed communication ports, 4 sets of hardware high-speed counters/high-speed timers, 4-axis linear interpolation, dynamic tracking NC positioning pulse output, high-speed interrupt and input capture, etc. are in a BGA chip, Makes the speed faster, the function and the reliability are better, it is the strongest function, the lowest price, the most competitive advantage among the same level PLC.



The most user-friendly and powerful application instruction set

  There are more than 300 kinds of FBs-PLC commands, and adopts the most user-friendly, most readable multi-input/multi-output command format. One command can achieve most of the functions that other PLCs can do with several commands, making the program large In order to simplify, the result of simultaneous operation can be directly obtained from internal or external output. In terms of program readability, the input or output terminal of each application command has a function memory-aiding shortcode description, and the operand field directly indicates its attribute abbreviation and its status or content value can be directly displayed directly below it. Eliminates the trouble of rote memorization of other PLCs without marking, the program has the highest readability and the best efficiency. In terms of high-end applications, such as PLC network LINK, PID control, NC positioning, etc., FBs-PLC has dedicated convenient instructions corresponding to it, which greatly reduces obstacles to use.

Look at the powerful communication functions of the industry

  The communication ports inside the SoC chip of FBs-PLC can still operate at the highest speed (921.6Kbps) even at the 5 communication ports. ASCII code or binary code that is twice as fast can be used for communication. In addition to the FATEK standard communication protocol, Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP communication protocol or customized communication protocol can be selected. At the same time, FBs-PLC has 8 communication boards and 10 communication modules for flexible selection of various applications. It is the PLC with the most communication ports, the fastest communication speed, and the strongest function among the same level PLC. In addition, each communication port has LED indicators for transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) to facilitate users to monitor the communication status and debug.

NC control + PLC integrated

  Integrate the NC positioning control in the SoC chip of FBs-PLC, so that PLC+NC control is integrated, sharing resources and eliminating the need for data exchange between the two systems. NC positioning control adopts a special positioning command language, which can be programmed in mechanical or electrical units, and the control parameters can be dynamically changed during execution. The maximum output of a single machine is 4 axes, the highest frequency is 200 KHz (MC) or 920 KHz (MN), and it can be used for multi-axis linear interpolation and dynamic tracking. If it cooperates with the 4 sets of HHSC built in FBs-PLC, it can still be used for more precise closed loop high-speed positioning control.

Built-in 920KHz high-speed counter

  FBs-PLC can have up to 4 sets of hardware high-speed counters (HHSC) and 4 sets of software high-speed counters (SHSC). The maximum counting frequency of HHSC is 200 KHz (MC) or 920 KHz (MN), and has functions such as clearing and masking. . There are 8 kinds of counting modes, including U/D, U/D x 2, P/R, P/R x 2, A/B, A/B x 2, A/B x 3, A/B x 4, etc., with super functions Strong and most effective. For example, if the Encoder with 200 pulses per revolution is used in the A/B x 4 mode, the control effect will be improved to the equivalent of 800 pulse Encoder per revolution. And it is executed by hardware, so it does not take up CPU time. The 4 groups of software high-speed counters (SHSC) have three counting modes: U/D, P/R, and A/B, and the total counting frequency is 5 KHz.

High-speed timer

  FBs-PLC provides a 0.1mS time-base high-speed timer PLC (up to four groups of 32bit and one group of 16bit). The time base of the timer provided by most PLCs in the industry can only reach 1mS at the fastest, which is useless in occasions with higher accuracy requirements. FBs-PLC's 0.1mS high-speed timer, because its time base error is only 0.1mS, and with its interrupt function, you can easily complete more precise speed detection or make a frequency meter. It can be used in most cases. This extremely economical method replaces expensive speed detection equipment.

FATEK's powerful communication function



  The 5 communication ports of FBs-PLC can be connected to various smart peripherals at the same time. The interface has USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, CANopen®, GSM, ZigBee™, etc. to choose from. In addition to the macro standard communication protocol or Modbus communication protocol or communication through the FATEK Communication Server communication server, you can also use the CLINK communication convenient command to define the communication protocol yourself, and actively or passively connect with any smart peripheral.

Complete communication driver software

  In addition to world-renowned graphic control software such as Wonderware Intouch, Citec, Labview, LabLink...and leading man-machine brands such as Digital, Fuji, Cermate, Hitech..., FBs-PLC supports the driver software of FATEK communication and can directly communicate with FBs-PLC In addition to the connection, FATEK provides Modbus communication protocol and FATEK DDE standard communication server software (FATEK Communication Server), allowing users to easily connect FBs-PLC with each brand map in Office applications or when writing programs by themselves Control or various computer systems. In addition, many world-renowned OPC manufacturers such as National Instrument and KONTRON sell FATEK dedicated OPC package software for users to purchase.

The most complete accessories

  In addition to more than two hundred models of FBs-PLC, the expansion I/O and auxiliary peripherals can also be matched with nearly one hundred models. In addition to covering basic digital I/O, analog I/O and various communication interfaces, it also includes DIP switch multiplex input module, 16/7 segment LED display module and J, K, R, S, E, T , B, N and other 8 types of thermocouples or Pt100, Pt1000 RTD temperature measurement modules, as well as the latest load cell module for electronic scales, electronic ruler modules for position measurement, and FBs- PLC has a more user-friendly and friendly voice module. In addition, FBs-PLC also provides a simple man-machine interface of FBsDAP or FBs-PEP that can be connected to multiple units. In addition to being a Timer/Counter setting device, users can also define special buttons and message displays, which can be used as a simple man-machine interface. use. At the same time, FBs-DAP or FBs-PEP can also be attached with RFID sensor modules for applications such as access control, parking equipment, elevator loading control, etc.

Easy-to-understand editing environment

  The well-arranged editing, monitoring, debugging and other operations are easy, allowing users to master the overall operation in a very short time. In addition, WinProladder's powerful and complete editing functions are supplemented by buttons, mouse and online real-time commands Function query and operation guide will double your editing and input efficiency. The "real-time" contact status, register data and multi-window monitoring, comparison and other functions directly displayed on the ladder diagram make it easier for users to monitor and control or debug.

Single machine 36-point capture input

  The input point capture function of the SoC chip of FBs-PLC can capture and store the external input pulse wave whose width is lower than the scanning time for the CPU to read. Compared with the general PLC, this input is powerless or can only With complex interrupt processing and taking up a lot of CPU time, FBs-PLC can be used as a general input processing without the user's bother. It is not only efficient but also the easiest and most convenient.

Single 16-point high-speed interrupt input


  The FBs-PLC host computer has up to 16 points of external interruption input, which allows the user to define an interrupt when the positive or negative edge of the external input is activated, or both the positive and negative edges will issue an interrupt, for high-speed and emergency processing. The delay and error caused by the CPU scanning time can be used for high-speed precise positioning, mechanical position zeroing, high-speed RPM measurement and other high-speed and high-reproducibility applications.




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