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B1/b1z/HB1/ series (host)

B1/b1z/HB1/ series (host)

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B1/B1z series high-quality economical PLC

Advanced SoC core technology

  Relying on FATEK's superb software and hardware technology and years of accumulated experience in the automatic control industry, the entire PLC system will be developed with a self-developed CPU, hardware logic problem solving circuit (HLS), high-speed hardware counting/hour, positioning, Communication and other circuits, FLASH, and SRAM are integrated in a BGA chip, which is the first in the industry and the leading micro PLC boutique.

Small size, solid and stable

  Because the entire system is SoC-based, it is possible to integrate the CPU and I/O into a PCB substrate to greatly reduce the size, and because the single-board does not require electromechanical components such as inter-board connectors, the overall structure is more solid, stable and reliable .

Excellent quality and high reliability

  The excellent and streamlined hardware design and highly integrated SoC technology minimize the number of components of the B1/B1z series PLC. Together with the use of high-quality parts and strict quality control procedures, it has achieved high quality that is proud of the industry. And high reliability.

High cost performance, strong competitiveness

  In addition to achieving significant reductions in hardware costs through SoC technology and simplified design, through superior layout techniques, the PCB circuit boards of the B1/B1z series PLCs use the most mature and stable quality two-layer boards, but they can Designed to have better anti-noise capability than PLCs made with four-layer boards in the industry, making B1/B1z PLCs not only higher quality, but also price competitive.

Easy to use, compatible with commands

  The instruction set of B1/B1z series PLC is based on the instruction set of FATEK's FBs series PLC, which has been sold for many years. It is carefully selected and assembled with simple and necessary parts. It is not only easy to learn, easy to use, and compatible with the instructions of FBs series PLC Fully compatible.


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