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SD3 Servo

SD3 Servo

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  Inherit the control technology accumulated on the robot-stable control

  SD3 realizes independent command response and interference compensation 2 degrees of freedom control through model matching observation and feed forward. When it can be loaded and displaced, the same parameter setting can still be used to maximize the performance of the action in high rigidity applications such as ball screw drive, and experience extremely good command response.
  【Steady Control】
  Even if there are some differences between the actual characteristics of the robot and the expected control model, the stable control method will not be lost. Ease and stability.



  Overwhelming toughness and low current consumption-magnetic absolute encoder

  The magnetic encoder is particularly resistant to oil and dust. It can play its true value in harsh production sites. The independently developed 1-pole-pair magnetic-resistant absolute encoder has a simple structure and is not easy to be damaged, and the resolution can also match the optical encoder. The three problems of "environmental resistance", "resolution" and "cost" were solved at one time, and the trinity encoder was produced. In addition, our company's encoder can operate as an absolute encoder without using spare batteries within one rotation of the motor shaft.



  Learning from the "live", boots are changing with each passing day-drive performance

  With the enhancement of the anti-vibration filter, the problem that the old product cannot suppress the vibration of the front end of the machine is solved. The newly added γ-notch filter,

  The vibration suppression performance can be the same as that of initializing the notch filter, and the position determination time can also be changed.



  Special tools based on ergonomics-Servo Studio

  You can perform all settings and adjustments, grasp all states, and use the powerful software of the SD3 servo drive freely. This time the function is further improved, it is more convenient to use and more powerful.

  The operation interface of the new function vibration suppression filter can be set intuitively, the vibration and noise frequency measurement function (FFT) is added, and the function of calling the driver alarm history has been greatly enhanced. In addition, up to 16 points of the drive point table and test operation function can be set, which can make the customer's device start more smoothly.




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